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Project Description
The Mef Silverlight Control Extensions gives you a declarative way of implement control importing using MEF.

Inspired by a project created for WPF by Glenn Block, these Silverlight Control extensions give you the ability to import and compose controls into your application referenced assemblies and xap files to come in a more declarative way using XAML.

It is really easy to get started using the library:

1) Add the Assembly catalogs to your app.xaml

            <mef:XapCatalog Xap="ExportedControls.xap"/>
            <mef:AssemblyCatalog Assembly="ExportedControlsFromAssembly, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null"/>

2) Add a custom control which has Mef imports

<local:ButtonWithImports mef:Composition.Compose="True"/>

And you are done, all of the imports will be composed.

If people find this interesting i wil do more work on this project and if anyone would like to help out that would be great also.

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